Wellness Seminars / Lunch and Learn Programs

Wellness Seminars / Lunch and Learn Programs are learning sessions planned and organized by you to meet specific objectives. Come up with a topic and find a speaker. Select a site for the “Lunch and Learn” session, usually a lunchroom or break room. Depending on your budget and objectives, workers can brown bag the lunch or you could offer the meal. Meetings can be mandatory or elective, your choice.
Experience tells us the most success will be seen if these Wellness Seminars / Lunch and Learn Programs are elective and if the company supports lunch.
Goals for Wellness Seminars / Lunch and Learn Programs

Education on a specific health concern. You may want to choose one of your group’s top diagnoses. Examples are:
• Diabetes — diabetes prevention and care by a certified diabetic educator
• Cardiovascular disease — cardiovascular health (individual counseling sessions with a dietician)
• High Blood Pressure (BP)
• Hypercholesterolemia
• Flu and pneumonia
• Breast cancer — breast health or breast self-exam sessions can be taught by a trained instructor

Education on health care insurance benefits:
• Diabetes — what are the covered benefits, where to purchase diabetic supplies, support groups for workers with diabetes.
Company Wellness  Benefits
• Well baby/child care.

Education on the effect of enrolling in your health plan or local health department’s health education programs or disease management programs. Example programs:
• Diabetes
• Respiratory
• Low-Back Pain
• Cardiovascular
• Tobacco use

Community Resource Speakers for Wellness Seminars / Lunch and Learn Programs
• Local health plan office
• Local heart association
• Local cancer society
• Pharmacies — many pharmacists are available to speak on pharmacy-related problems.
• Prescription Companies — countless employers have standard presentations developed for employers that are provided no cost of charge to use at your own direction. Some examples are:
• Know Your Numbers (elevated blood lipids) — Pfizer
• Respiratory Wellness (flu and pneumonia) — Pfizer
• Men’s and Women’s Health — Pfizer
• Local gyms/personal trainers/YMCA — can discuss walking safety, advantages of walking, swimming and aerobics.
• Yoga and/or Pilates instructors
• Running, cycling club representatives
• Local dieticians
• Stamp Out Smoking — Tobacco Coalition representatives

Topics for Wellness Seminars / Lunch and Learn Programs

• Bicycling — benefits and opportunities for cycling
• Nutrition and health (Heart Healthy lunch for all attendees)
• Cardiovascular health
• Women’s health problems
• How to recognize the signs and symptoms of heart attack and stroke
• National Employee Fitness Day within the office setting — Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness representatives can encourage event
• Exercise tolerance and healthy heart problems
• Starting an physical activity program — include the effect of seeing the doctor before beginning of any new physical activity program
• Self-defense
• Domestic abuse
• Safety in general
• Exercise safety
• Walking/running benefits and safety tips Tobacco dangers and avoidance

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